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The Health Benefits Of Yoga For Seniors

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Yoga is a full-body workout and is easily adaptable so that all skill levels can enjoy a calming, yet powerful, practice session. For seniors looking for a safe, effective way to build strength and improve their overall physical wellness, yoga may be the right choice. Learn more about yoga, the different types available and what they can do for your health.

seniors practicing different yoga positions and enjoying a group yoga practice

What Is Yoga?

Yoga is a relaxing workout consisting of physical motions, stretching, meditation and breathing exercises. It is often used to eliminate stress and enhance a sense of self-awareness. Yoga can be practiced at any time and anywhere, and is great for all skill levels, making it easily accessible for all seniors. Here are some different yoga practices to explore:

  • Restorative Yoga: A practice emphasizing slow movement. Restorative yoga focuses on the stretching of muscles to allow for more profound relaxation.
  • Yin Yoga: Yin yoga recharges and gives back to the body and mind. Focusing on stillness, this practice will help you to find your center and focus on your body’s needs. 
  • Hatha Yoga: With Hatha yoga, you can expect to focus on your breath and mind through meditation. If you experience high anxiety or have trouble sleeping, Hatha may be the right practice for you. 

The Benefits Of Chair Yoga For Seniors

While yoga is typically done on a mat, other types, like chair yoga, can be just as effective. Chair yoga is a practice where all movements are done while sitting, making it perfect for seniors that need a little more support while exercising. Not to mention that chair yoga promotes independence and the mission to become stronger, which can help with falls or brittle bones. Additional benefits of chair yoga include: 

  • Less strenuous on the joints and muscles
  • Improves oxygen intake and has mental health benefits
  • Helps to improve balance and flexibility
  • Supports seniors of all skill levels

Independence Village residents enjoying a chair yoga practice together at Independence Village

Yoga Can Help You Connect With Your Mind And Body

By practicing yoga for as little as 20 minutes a day, many notice a positive difference in body and mood. Yoga is all about connecting the mind and body and is an incredibly relaxing way to stay active while not adding physical strain or pressure to the body.

Mentally, yoga can alleviate stress, combat anxiety, increase body awareness and promote a more restful night’s sleep. Also, yoga can be communal — ask your senior living community to incorporate different yoga practices into the monthly activity calendar so you can enjoy the practice with your friends.

Independence Village Encourages Active Lifestyles

Independence Village understands the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle. See what other community activities we have implemented into our monthly calendar to keep you moving and healthy.

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