Helping A Parent Who Doesn’t Want Help

August 6th, 2019

Talking about senior living with your loved one can be tough. Some seniors may have a hard time accepting that they need greater support, or they may fear that moving to a senior living community will deprive them of their independence.

Here are three tips for navigating the topic of senior living with a resistant loved one.

Have Empathy
Seek to understand your loved one’s fears about aging, losing their independence and asking others for help. It may be hard for seniors to accept daily struggles they are facing or concerns with health and safety, so try to comfort and encourage them to get the help they need.

Adult Daughter Talking To Depressed Father At Home

Actively listening to your loved one’s fears and concerns will help you better understand where they are coming from. Once they’ve acknowledged where their apprehensions lie, they may be more willing to move forward with looking into senior living options.

Remind Them: They Are In Control
No one wants to lose control of their life, and it can be scary to feel like your independence and pride are being taken away from you.

It’s crucial to involve your loved one in the process of planning for their care. Change is difficult for anyone, and big decisions like moving into senior living are no exception.

Remember: Mom and dad’s opinions matter, so reaffirm that (and do it often!) and let them be part of all decisions regarding their living situation.

Explain The Benefits Of Senior Living
It starts with research. Do your homework on senior living communities which may be a good fit for your parents and become familiar with all the ways these communities help their residents thrive.

With your loved one, show them these activities and amenities, and emphasize all the ways senior living will enhance their life. This will help give them greater freedom and foster a new sense of purpose.

Thinking About Senior Living For Your Loved One?

Helping a loved one with the decision to move into a senior living community can be daunting. Start with this survey to learn more about which senior living option is best.

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