Giving Back With Project Linus

November 28th, 2018
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With the holiday season approaching, giving back is on everyone’s mind. Independence Village was fortunate to be able to partner with Project Linus, an organization dedicated to giving back.

Project Linus: The Origin

Karen Loucks was flipping through Parade magazine when she found herself drawn to the story of a girl who was diagnosed with leukemia as a baby. The little girl, Laura, was able to find solace in a blanket she was given. Through all of her intensive treatments and appointments, she held the “blankie” with her for comfort and support.

Karen was inspired by this story and had an idea for how it could be taken further. She began talking to people about donating handmade blankets to those in need, and so Project Linus was born.

With an overwhelming amount of support, the blankets began just flooding in. Karen and her team found that the blankets were able to offer a unique feeling of protection to these children during the scary experiences of receiving medical treatment.

Why It’s Important

Project Linus accepts these handmade blankets from volunteers, like Independence Village, and delivers them to children in hospitals, shelters and social service agencies. This can mean a lot to these children, as sometimes it is one of the only things they have that is truly their own.

When these children receive the blankets, it gives new purpose to the saying:

“Never underestimate the kindness of strangers.”


While they may be facing difficulties in their lives, this act shows the kids that there is love in the world and that people care about them.

As the season of giving approaches, Independence Village is excited about the opportunity to connect as an entire company and give back to children in need. By mobilizing our large company and working together, we can make a significant impact on the cause. So, we are having all our Independence Village communities band together to create blankets which will be donated to the local Project Linus chapters.

Our residents and employees look forward to the fun Project Linus events we’ll have every week and the chance to give back to children who need love the most. Our goal is to create and donate at least 800 blankets from all of our communities combined. Together with our residents, we are thankful for the opportunity to enjoy ourselves, give back and make a difference!

To learn more, visit: Project Linus

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