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Finding Your Purpose In Retirement

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When it comes to retirement, the loss of structure may sometimes be unsettling, but there are many new opportunities to fill your time. From exploring passions — both new and old — to reconnecting with old friends and family, there are many avenues to consider when seeking out a purposeful retirement.

Use Your Free Time Intentionally

Is there a passion you have always wanted to explore but never had enough time to? Now is the time. Whether it’s golfing, reading or writing, use this time to find hobbies that make you happy. 

Take some time to carefully consider the questions below to discover new passions and uncover what makes you feel best:

  • What am I doing when I feel happiest?
  • What creative outlets do I enjoy?
  • What inspires me?
  • What is on my bucket list?
  • What passions do others around me enjoy that I may want to try?
  • Should I revisit an old skill of mine?

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Find Meaning In Giving Back 

Even though you are out of the working world, are you still passionate about your industry? Share your expertise through teaching, mentoring or volunteering. Think about the skills and passions you've acquired throughout your career when deciding where to volunteer your time. 

Finding causes that align with your interests can help you get involved. Start your search by exploring the community around you or research different organizations in your area on Facebook or Google. Giving back is a common way for many to find purpose in retirement.

Get Social By Joining A Club

Another fear of retirement is losing the social or group element that an everyday job offers. A way to be a part of a similar environment and meet new people is by joining a club or group. 

Independence Village offers different clubs based on various interests and hobbies, but if you have a new passion to bring to the table, you can start your own. From book club to chess club, the options are endless and the Independence Village life enrichment team is here to support you. It's never too late to start fueling your passions, and making friends is an added benefit to start living a purposeful life after retirement.

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Reconnect With Your Family

Getting caught up in a tight work schedule can interfere with family functions and can limit opportunities to see family members as often as you maybe would have liked. Luckily, retirement grants time to reconnect. 

Perhaps you can show your friends and loved ones the new passions you’ve found. For example, invite them to an event at your community or talk about the new club you joined and all the new friends you’ve made. Maybe a grandchild is partaking in a new activity that you can help with.

Try Something New

Retirement is the perfect opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone. Sign up for an exercise class, social outing or an educational endeavor — anything that may be of interest to you that you didn’t have the time to explore when you were working.

Find Your Purpose At Independence Village

At Independence Village, we provide opportunities to get involved with other residents and to stay active. We understand the thought of losing a routine you’ve had for so long can be daunting, but are here to help guide you on your path to create a new one. We value our residents and want them to have the best experience possible in our community. To see how Independence Village helps our residents find purpose in retirement, head to our Your Experience page.

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