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When to Transition from Assisted Living to Memory Care

As your parent or loved one begins to progress in age, it may be time for them to go through the senior living spectrum. While assisted living communities offer great services and amenities, they may not be equipped to handle the growing needs of your loved one. Here’s how to tell if your loved one should transition from assisted living into memory care.

Signs of Memory Impairments

Spotting the symptoms of memory loss early on can be key in your loved one’s transition from assisted living into a memory care community. While these symptoms may be difficult to identify initially, once realized, they can become glaringly obvious. Take a look at a few of the most common signs of memory loss to determine if you see them with your loved one:

  • Changes in short-term memory: Is your loved one growing increasingly forgetful?
  • Language problems: Has your loved one been struggling to remember names or days of the week?
  • Sudden mood changes: Has your senior been experiencing mood swings, specifically to apathy and/or depression?
  • Increasing confusion: Does your loved one often seem confused or disoriented?
  • Repetitive behaviors: Have you noticed your parent asking the same question multiple times or repeating stories?

What to Do if You Suspect Memory Loss

If you’ve noticed one or many of these symptoms within your parent or loved one, it may be time to transition him or her into a memory care community. Memory care communities include all of the services and amenities your loved one currently receives in assisted living, with the addition of new services catered toward their growing needs. Benefits of memory care include, but are not limited to:

  • Highly trained and caring staff who understand the challenges associated with memory loss
  • Specialized programming to ensure comfort while promoting the greatest dignity, independence and success

Independence Village is Here to Help

While it may be a difficult decision, transitioning your senior into memory care may become necessary. If you believe it may be time to make the transition, contact Independence Village. Our Community Specialists would be more than happy to assess your senior’s needs and determine which level of senior living services is ideal. Schedule an appointment to your nearest community or give us a call at 1-844-40-ENJOY for more information.