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Tips For Transitioning Into Independent Living

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Are you thinking about moving into an independent senior living community? When considering moving into a new home, knowing where to start can be difficult. Independence Village is here to help. Here’s a convenient overview to help you know where to begin when considering a move to a senior living community.

Making New Memories

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For most people, our homes hold a lot of memories which can make the decision to move more difficult. Independent living, however, offers exciting opportunities for you to create many new memories with a community right at your doorstep. Communities often hold daily events, allowing you to make new friends, share memories and visit with each other’s loved ones.

What To Expect When Moving To An Independent Living Community

Independent living communities allow you to enjoy all the privacy and freedom that you enjoy at home without having to worry about all the small things. In many communities, you can choose the level of assistance you want from staff members.

For example, if you want to opt for housekeeping services, but not transportation services, you can notify the community of your desires. Staff members at independent living communities can perform all of your household chores for you, including:

  • Housekeeping
  • Meal preparation
  • Laundry & linen service
  • Shopping
  • Transportation, and more!

Find The Right Independent Living Community For Your Needs

Once you have decided independent living is right for you, it’s important to do your research. Not every independent living community is the same. Create a list of your desired amenities and browse communities to see what they offer. You’ll want to choose the communities that will best suit your needs. Some amenities to consider are:

  • Fitness Programs
  • Group outings
  • Daily activities
  • Transportation services
  • Educational seminars

Ready To Move? Here’s What To Bring

shirts in closetWhile independent living offers you your own space, you might not be able to bring all of your possessions from home. Do take essential items such as clothing, insurance information and medications. You can also bring mementos, but try to keep them to a minimum to save space.

TIP: Call the community you will be moving into and ask what the exact dimensions of your apartment or room will be. That way you can determine how much you will be able to bring with you.

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Enjoy Living Independently

Once you’ve checked all these items off your list, you’re ready to begin enjoying independent living. With independent living, you’ll have the comforts of your own space combined with the great amenities that come with a senior living community. With just a little research and conversation, you’ll soon discover that moving to independent senior living is not so daunting after all.

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