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Independent Senior Living: What to Bring With You

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Once you’ve found a community to call home, it is important to bring what means the most to you, with you. Independence Village knows that moving can be stressful but we are here to help relieve the burden of that process. See our four tips on what you should bring to your new senior living community.

#1 Make Sure Your Have Your Important Legal Documents

Make sure to bring all your important legal documents when you first move into an independent living community. Insurance policies, will and testaments along with medical prescriptions should be kept with you at all times in case of an emergency. If you don’t feel comfortable keeping these with you, place them in the care of a trusted loved one to keep safe or bring a safe for your room.  

#2 Gather Your Household Items

Certain household items are necessary when moving into your new apartment. Don’t forget your basic toiletry items and a fully stocked wardrobe to prepare you for Michigan and Ohio’s weather forecasts. These items should include but are not limited to: bedding, bath towels, hangers, slippers and shoes.

Note: It’s important to downsize when moving. Remember, you can always give what you can’t bring to loved ones or donate to your favorite charity.

#3 Don’t Forget To Pack A Little Fun

Bring some fun to your community! Whether you want to relax in the privacy of your own room or spend some time getting to know fellow independent residents, having a few fun activities in your room ensures there’s never a dull moment. Some great items to bring could include:
  • a TV with your favorite movies
  • a few of your favorite books, magazines and crossword puzzles
  • a deck of cards for euchre, dominos and board games

#4 Decorate With Pictures and Memories

Here at Independence Village, we love creating memories. We don’t want you to forget the small things from home that are keepsakes, such as pictures of your family, drawings from your grandkids, certain jewelry items, decorations, or other times that trigger nostalgia. We know that family is everything and little things that give you the reminder is why we love hearing your stories and enjoy coming into work every day.

Feel Right At Home With Independence Village

We know it is hard to try and decide what you should and shouldn’t bring to your new independent senior apartment. We hope these tips make the move a little less stressful for you. Download our brochure or call and speak to one of our specialists today at 1-844-40-ENJOY.

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