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Independent Living Costs Explained

Considering moving to independent living but aren’t sure if it fits into your budget? Although the cost may seem intimidating, independent living communities include more than you may think. Here’s a brief breakdown of what’s included in the monthly cost of independent living.

One Payment For All Household Expenses

Think about all the bills you have to pay for in your current home. Odds are, it includes a mortgage or rental fee, utility bills, property taxes and insurance, laundry services and more. The list could truly go one forever. With independent living, each of these expenses is included in your monthly rental fee, taking away the stress and confusion of multiple payments.

Additional Services Included

The cost of independent living also includes various services and amenities. Independent living communities offer a variety of services to ensure residents are their happiest and healthiest. From daily meal services to housekeeping assistance and more, each of these additional services is included with your apartment.

Limitless Entertainment and Excursions

On top of all the services available, independent living communities offer a long list of entertainment opportunities. Included in the monthly rental fee, residents can take part in any activities free of charge. Examples of resident events include, but are not limited to:

  • Group crafting activities
  • Off-site excursions to festivals or farmers markets
  • Fitness classes
  • Educational seminars
  • Movie nights, and more.

Learn More With Independence Village

Independence Village offers a variety of independent living communities throughout the Midwest. Our luxurious, apartment-style housing provides our residents with all the privacy and freedom of home, with the benefit of extra services. Schedule a visit to your local Independence Village location or give us a call at 1-844-40-ENJOY to learn more.