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Homecare Vs. Senior Living: What’s The Difference?

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When a family discovers that a loved one needs more care than they can provide, it can become stressful and sometimes confusing to sort through the options. Many times in these situations, additional support comes from two forms: home care and senior living communities.

There are many variables that come into play when making this decision, as each individual’s circumstances are unique. Here are a few of the main distinguishing factors between homecare and senior living to help determine the right solution for you and your loved one.

Homecare Options

Homecare options include additional family support as well as hiring a caregiver to provide additional assistance within your loved one’s home.

  • Family Support In Home

    Many times, families will choose to move in with a senior loved one in order to provide the additional needed care. However, as a senior ages, he or she may require additional support outside of a family member’s capabilities.

  • In Home Caregiver

    If family members are unable to provide the support needed, many turn to in-home caregiving agencies or private caregivers to assist their loved one each day. While in home caregivers can be convenient and allow your loved one to stay at home, this option often becomes increasingly expensive as your loved one’s needs progress.

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Senior Living Options

Like homecare, senior living comes in many different varieties, each having their own philosophies, practices and expertise. Families who are considering senior living for their loved one should first determine what level of support their family member will need, which can easily be done by creating a list of tasks their loved one needs assistance with.

Senior living communities have experts on staff to help your family make the best decision for your unique circumstances. It’s important to do your research and reach out to several communities that peak your interest about what they offer, why they outrank their competitors and what makes them special.

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Cost Of Each

Comparing the cost of homecare and senior living depends heavily on if homecare would be provided internally by family members or require hired help. When hiring a caregiver would be the only homecare option, families often find that senior living is the more affordable choice because of all that is included in the monthly rent. Be sure to do your research and determine the best option for your family and loved one before making a final decision.

For more information on senior living or to discuss your loved one’s care needs, reach out to your local Independence Village community.

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