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Unique Gifts For Unique Dads | Father’s Day Gifts For Older Dads

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This Father’s Day, your dad deserves a gift that’s just as unique as he is — and he’s pretty unique!

It’s true that no two fathers are the same. They all have different interests, hobbies and personalities that can make finding the perfect Father’s Day gift for older dads a little challenging.

Whether you’re shopping for your father, grandfather, stepfather or a father-figure in your life this Father’s Day, use this guide to help you find the Father’s Day present that’s just right for your dad.

A Gift For Every Type Of Dad

What does your dad like to do? What interests him? Keep your dad in mind while you read through this guide to find the perfect Father’s Day gift for older dads.

What does your dad like to do? What interests him? Keep your dad in mind while you read through this guide to find the perfect Father’s Day gift for older dads.

For the dad with the best dad jokes.

With the Dad Joke Face-Off game, everyone’s jokes can be as funny as Dad’s, and the first one to laugh loses.

For the dad with the green thumb.

Is gardening your dad’s favorite hobby? Consider getting him a Garden Tool Set Organizer with a built-in seat to rest while he works.  

For the dad who carries hot sauce with him wherever he goes.

Sure, hot sauce is good, but making it yourself with a Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit is even better.

For the dad who’s always complaining that his feet are cold.

There’s nothing like L.L. Bean slippers when you first wake up in the morning… or to wear all day, every day.  

For the dad who would rather be at the stadium. 

Check out the StubHub ticket calendar for local sporting events, concerts and theater productions that your dad would enjoy.

For the dad who’s obsessed with Dateline.

He’s watched enough Dateline. At this point, Dad should be able to solve the case himself, right? Grab an Unsolved Case Files game and work with your dad to solve a cold case.

For the dad who can’t stop reading the news.

Gift your dad a New York Times subscription and sign yourself up for a year of phone calls that begin with the phrase, “I was reading the news this morning and…”

For the dad who is a bookworm.

Introduce your dad to the Senior Planet Book Club, a virtual book club that meets on zoom once a month to discuss the books they’re reading. You can buy him the books he’ll need to participate for the year and a bookmark or reading light to go with them.

For the dad that wants to learn more about where he’s from.

How far can your dad trace back your family’s ancestry? With Ancestry DNA, Dad can learn more about where his family is from with just a simple test. 

For the dad who loves to grill.

Gift your dad a Cast Iron Square Grill that can be used to grill right on his stovetop. If you add in a Leave-In Meat Thermometer, everything he grills can be cooked to perfection.

For the dad that knows everything sounds better on vinyl.

Well, he’s not wrong. With this Upcycled Vinyl Album Cover Display, Dad can showcase the album that’s currently playing on his record player. 

For the dad who expects his gift to hit it out of the park.

Black in Baseball: A History of the Pages from The New York Times is a book filled with pages of baseball history as told by the New York Times. If you get this Father’s Day gift for your elderly dad, add in this Magnifying Lens to make it easier to read the small print.  

For the dad who is a proud grandpa.

Texting with grandpa is great, but why not try his preferred way of communicating for a change? Children can send letters and get to know more about their grandpa with a Grandparent Pen Pal Set.

Independence Village Is Here For Your Dad

Would your dad rather spend an afternoon playing cards with the guys or lost in a book in the community library? At Independence Village, our senior living communities have amenities and features perfect for every kind of dad, too.

This Father’s Day, help your dad make the most of every day by finding a senior living community that’s right for him. Not only will he receive the care he needs, but at Independence Village, your dad will also have the opportunity to participate in meaningful activities and develop new friendships.

Every resident at every Independence Village community is a part of our family, and we’re honored to have the opportunity to be considered a part of theirs. If your father is considering senior living, contact us or call us at 1-844-403-6569 to learn more about life at our community and how we can celebrate your dad this Father’s Day.

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