Our Difference

Independence Village is more than just another Senior Living community—we’re a pioneer in the field. With over 35 years of experience providing innovative, proactive care to seniors and their families, we understand the unique needs of our residents. For people considering moving to an Independent Living, Enhanced Living, Assisted Living, or Memory Care community, Independence Village can offer you the very latest in senior care. We embrace technology and all the ways it makes residents’ lives easier and more secure. We are always striving to create an engaging environment, whether it’s through our Life Enrichment Programs or our caring staff, who are deeply committed to our residents’ well being. At Independence Village as well as at our sister company, StoryPoint, we believe in celebrating each resident as an individual and fostering the continuance of their emotional, spiritual, and intellectual growth. Every staff member in our community believes in providing our residents with the best experience in each interaction they share, no matter how small or significant. This combination of technology, understanding, appreciation, and commitment truly sets us apart from other communities and makes our culture meaningful and special for both our staff and our residents.

Culinary Excellence

Have a delicious time

At Independence Village, our Executive Chefs provide all the comforts of a home cooked meal with the joy that can only come from sharing it. Enjoy pan-seared crab cakes with lemon aioli or fresh strawberries with mascarpone and limoncello crème, all in the company of newfound friends in our comfortable, yet elegant, dining room. Each dish not only tastes delicious, but offers plenty in the way of nutrition as well. Choose from a variety of menu selections for each course at every meal, including our always-available meal options.

Our quality standards include:
  • No artificial trans fats
  • Olive, canola and soy oils used for daily cooking
  • Fresh cut herbs, and hand squeezed lemon juice for entrees and sauces
  • Seasonal vegetables prepared in small batches to preserve freshness and nutrition
  • High quality meats sliced and roasted in house
  • Seafood purchased fresh when locally available
  • Cookies, muffins, pastries and breads baked fresh daily!

“I work with my team to provide education and resources for professionals and families who are seeking solutions for Senior Care options. It is a pleasure to promote a company who truly has ‘Heart’ and proves it every day by making their Residents #1!”

– Tim Bryant, Corporate Executive Chef

Independence Village treats our dining rooms as five-star restaurants within Senior Living communities. We go above and beyond simply serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Food well-prepared is the fundamental link between health, wellness, and happiness. Our culinary team goes to work each day with the goal of raising the bar in our industry. From our sources to our technique and menu concepts, we are as serious about dining as we are about every aspect of service we provide.

Our philosophy is based on two things: passion and flavor. Our culinary staff is passionate about the menus and meals they produce, and are excited about variety, technique, and quality of ingredients. We believe in preparing homemade, full flavored and nutritious meals that hit three marks:



It’s Delicious: You’ll savor every delectable bite.


It’s Memorable: You’ll remember our dishes and ask for them again.


It’s Craveable: You won’t be able to stop thinking about your last delicious meal.

To meet these standards, our kitchen uses ingredients that are in peak season to capture the maximum flavor and nutritional value. Our partnerships with local farms allow us to stay stocked with the best foods possible. We use organic meats that are U.S.D.A. certified, free of hormones and fillers, and locally purchased seafood whenever possible. Corporate Executive Chef Tim Bryant is committed to culinary excellence and he uses an extensive interview process before hiring anyone new to the Independence Village Culinary Team. We take great care in learning our residents’ preferences and dietary requirements as well, and are happy to accommodate any dietary or meal restrictions.

Life Enrichment Programs

Experience Every Minute

Art, entertainment, spirituality, technology, fitness and what else? Explore new talents or flaunt your skills with old ones. There’s never a dull moment at Independence Village. From our inspiring and exceptional residents to our dedicated and expert employees, we view every interaction as a possibility to create life-enriching, life-changing moments.


It’s Your Time

At Independence Village, we want you to have fun and experience the things you’ve always wanted to try. We offer a wide variety of activities and opportunities, ranging from lectures and religious services to art shows, classes, and games. It’s all about you, and what you want to do. In fact, most of our inspiration comes from our guests’ suggestions. We encourage creativity and the pursuit of following your dreams. Ever wanted to learn a new language? Host a fashion show? Learn pottery? Let us know—we’ll make it happen.

Some of our regular activities include:
  • Classic movie nights & happy hour
  • Art shows & lectures
  • Excursions to concerts & local festivals
  • Sunday brunch & bingo
  • Health & wellness seminars
  • Religious & spiritual services
  • Technology training
  • Stretching & strengthening classes
  • Virtual sports simulation video games

Independence Village’s Life Enrichment programs are designed to stimulate the minds and passions of our residents. We believe that the key to happiness and continual growth as a human being is staying mentally, physically, and emotionally active. To meet this goal, our Life Enrichment Directors create daily schedules offering a wide variety of activities, both onsite and outside our community. We strive to learn all about each resident and discover their interests, as well as introduce them to new ones. Across all our communities—Independent Living, Enhanced Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care, we employ innovative techniques to involve residents in activities that will engage them and appeal to their unique personalities.

We also encourage interested residents to take the initiative and become senior interns at local businesses. We find this is a very rewarding program that instills a sense of purpose and provides appreciation of individual talents.

Wellness Programs

Assisted Living and Memory Care residents require specialized services and care. Our communities are designed with state-of-the-art technologies and features that encourage security and wellness for these residents. One such feature, available in our Assisted Living community, is our Nurse Call System, which enhances safety and reassures residents through silent alert technology, which notifies staff of unusual movements. While it is not a fall prevention device, this system does allow staff to monitor patterns of sleep, restlessness, and movement to identify trends, so we can personalize care for each resident. We understand the needs of residents in these communities, and we are committed to providing 24/7 attention to their unique needs.

House & Maintenance

Independence Village’s House and Maintenance staff are unique in that they are trained in customer service first, and job skills second. We believe that all employees across every department should strive to put our residents first, and it shows in every interaction. For example, we take great care to protect our residents from harsh chemicals that are sometimes used in cleaning and disinfection processes as well. We use only biodegradable, low VOC products that are non-asthmogenic and safe for pets. The materials we use in our apartments, from the floors to the walls, are designed to be mold and stain resistant, easy to clean, and won’t trap dust, dander, or other allergens.

We are committed to providing residents with clean, comfortable, and healthy homes and our staff are happy to help keep them that way.

Community Integration

At Independence Village, we’re committed to the communities in which we live, and we are just as committed to the people outside them as we are our residents. To foster good relationships and contribute to the continued vibrancy of our communities, we:
  • Partner and sponsor local chambers and events
  • Support local small businesses
  • Partner with local farms in our kitchens
  • Design visually aesthetic campuses to enhance the face of the community
  • Provide an active and stimulating environment for our residents

We also support community members whose lives may be touched by dementia or Alzheimer’s disease by partnering with industry innovators and hosting symposiums on the topic.

Our People

From the part-time wait staff to our Executive Director, each Independence Village employee is committed to providing exceptional care to our residents at every interaction. Our core values are centered around the belief that each individual is special and unique, with something valuable to offer the world. Each resident deserves our unequivocal kindness, collaboration, dedication, and understanding, and it is our mission to provide it. We are advocates for you, and we make our primary focus meeting your needs, each and every day.