Independence Village

Care & Services Offered

  • Independent Living
  • Enhanced Living?
  • Companion Living
  • Short-Term Stays

Community Overview



We’re so glad you’re here. Independence Village is a place full of warmth, energy and activity. We hope you feel an instant connection to the people that live and work in our community, as we strive to ensure that you enjoy every single moment of every single day here.

Built in the heart of bustling Brighton, a city that never met a festival it didn’t like. Downtown is full of charming shops and restaurants, and the surrounding areas have numerous golf courses and country clubs. Around here, there’s always something fun going on.

We believe that our extra effort and attention to detail make us an extra special place to live. Because we know the little things make a difference, we work to make sure that every thing we do – large or small – will help you get more out of every day.

Amenities & Services


Community Features

  • Pet are welcome
  • Bistro
  • Computer Room
  • Billiard and Game Room
  • Room availability for parties/gatherings
  • Shuttle service available Monday-Thursday from 9am-3pm
  • Hair Salon and Barber Shop
  • ATM

Apartments & Suites

We offer a variety of apartment types, from studios to one- or two-bedroom suites. Each style includes utilities and is ready for immediate move-in. Stylish accents and thoughtful touches make whichever floor plan you choose a wonderful home. Add your personal touch and make the décor as individual as you are.

Common Areas


Our big, sunny atrium is the just place to enjoy exciting cultural and entertaining events. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation, relaxing among the palm trees and tropical plants. Our gazebo and fountain, with a bountiful amount of fish, are wonderful touches that make this gathering place feel special and elegant. We hold all our big parties in the Atrium, from Veteran’s ceremonies to live music and dancing. Our residents love the warm and inviting feeling they find here, whether they’re just sitting down with a cup of coffee or dressed up for a night of fun with friends at one of our many exciting events.


The Bistro is open 12-3pm and is a casual alternative to the dining room to grab a Panini or smoothie for a quick lunch and catch the latest news on TV. We prepare made-to-order, delicious gourmet food that you can either sit down and eat here or take with you as you go about your day.


Book lovers will appreciate the convenience of a library right at home. The Library is run by a resident librarian, and is the place to gather for book club meetings for those who enjoy group discussions and sharing thoughts about literature and popular novels.

Activity Rooms

Get together in our Activity Rooms—the place you’ll find something to do every day of the week. From cozy movie nights to Wii games on the big-screen TV and card tournaments, there’s something for everyone here. The Activity Rooms are also where you’ll toast friends over happy hour every other Friday, and throw private parties for special events. We also host educational presentations in the Activity Rooms for residents interested in continued learning.

Dining & Recreation

Experience Exceptional Dining

Independence Village of Brighton is not only your home, it’s home to a five-star restaurant, where the food is always excellent and the service always exceeds expectations. Our hostess and waitstaff take pride in knowing our residents—not just their names, but their preferences and needs. We know what you like, and what you don’t. We remember that you like your bacon crisp, and your eggs over medium. We pay attention to any dietary requests you have and respect them. Everyone is special to us, and we take care of your food just as we take care of you. We want you to be happy with your dining options, so we’ll make whatever you like—even if it’s not on the menu. Our Executive Chef is very serious about his kitchen and what comes out of it, and has a meeting before each meal start to ensure his staff knows the menu and all our residents’ dietary restrictions. We believe you deserve the very best, and we will do everything we can to ensure a consistently top-shelf dining experience at every meal.

Life is Good

Our Life Enrichment Program is meant to be a personal journey of growth and enrichment, affecting not only our residents but also their families and our surrounding community. Our approach is always to include spirit, mind, soul, and body in our event consideration for each resident. We believe that everyone has lived and continues to live a beautiful and interesting life, and we want all of our residents to remain well-rounded, healthy and personally fulfilled.

A big part of our program involves listening. We like to hear about your life experiences and further your interests. Every person is important and valuable to our community, and we work hard to make sure each resident feels loved and appreciated. We also embrace technology and we encourage our residents to as well. We’ll show you how modern innovations can help you stay connected and learn new things and have fun. From skyping with family and friends to a friendly game of Wii bowling—once you know the ropes, using technology is a piece of cake.

Our Life Enrichment associates are wonderfully talented people. They have a gift for making everything interesting and they are able to wear many hats. Each one is equal parts counselor, spiritual guide, teacher, mentor, fitness guru, and expert on current events. They are committed to creating meaningful, stimulating activities that inspire and delight our residents and allows them to participate in the culture of our community. We go above and beyond birthday parties, card games, and holiday parties. Instead, we might plan a themed “Travel to Paris Party,” or schedule a “Pajama/Fondue Party,” or even have a living history event such as a Civil War re-enactment. There are no limits to the possibilities our Life Enrichment Program offers, and each resident has the opportunity to participate and flourish every day. We believe that when our residents and associates work together, we can create a culture of celebrating life.
  • Shuttle – available from 9am-3pm Monday-Thursday – available to go wherever you want to go
  • We are resident focused – if we are not doing something that the residents want – we will implement them into our activities and daily lives.
  • Veteran’s project – Sean Tracey


In the Neighborhood

Brighton prides itself as being part of a larger community – we are accessible to the highways, lakes, and downtown Brighton.

Independence Village of Brighton is located in the heart of a beautiful and vibrant area, close to major highways, lakes, shopping, restaurants, and cultural events. Downtown Brighton is home to dozens of unique shops and offers a variety of dining options, and has a small-town feel that’s perfect for strolling or sitting at an outdoor café. You’ll also find outdoor art exhibits, walking paths, and parks that are wonderful to have so close to your community. Throughout the year, a number of festivals and events take place that make every season special, and Brighton’s Farmer’s Market is open May-October.

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