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At Independence Village, we understand how important it is to find the right fit, especially when it comes to your new home. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing the guidance and support you need to make the best choices for you and your family. With over 35 years of senior living experience, we continue to provide the latest in Independent Living, Enhanced Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care. Together, we’ll chart a course to your greatest life and living. Call one of our community specialists today to learn more or schedule a visit.


4 Options to Choose From

Independent Living

Independent Living

Independent Living is designed for active seniors who want the privacy of an apartment home with the added benefit of meals, housekeeping, maintenance, transportation, social and recreational activities, group outings, fitness programs, health and wellness opportunities, educational seminars and optional support services should the need arise.

Enhanced Living

Enhanced Living

Enhanced Living is designed for seniors who need a little extra support. It includes all the benefits of Independent Living plus the extra peace of mind that comes with affordable Custom Care Packages that can be tailored to individual needs. Services include assistance with medication reminders, mobility, grooming, activities of daily living and much more.

Assisted Living

Assisted Living

Assisted Living is designed to promote the greatest independence for seniors by providing assistance with everyday activities in a secured, licensed and home-like setting. Residents enjoy all the benefits of Independent Living while trained professionals provide medical administration and coordinate with outside healthcare providers as needed.

Memory Care

Memory Care

Memory Care is designed for seniors living with dementia and other cognitive disorders. Medical assistance is provided in a secured, licensed, specifically designed environment. Staff is specially trained in handling behavior associated with memory impairments and specialized activities ensure comfort while promoting the greatest dignity, independence and success.


12 Locations to Serve You


Meet Our Team


Last year, on the worst snowstorm of the season, Kyle, our Sous Chef, walked into work whistling at 5am to cook breakfast for his residents. He acted like it was just another day doing what he loved, but it wasn’t; Kyle’s car wouldn’t start that morning so he walked one mile to work that day in a blizzard. Many didn’t know the sacrifices he made or the risks he took to get there, but those that did were over the moon and so appreciative. Kyle reminds us how important our jobs are here at Independence Village. He reminds us how many people count on us and he inspires us to do more for each other and our residents every day.

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Marianne, our transportation specialist, has been with us at Independence Village of Aurora in Ohio for over 4 years. She goes above and beyond to meet the needs of our residents. Marianne will call a resident’s doctor to set up an appointment or pick up groceries or medication if he or she is not feeling well. She also volunteers her time to help with all of the community events. Marianne is always there when the going gets tough. Residents feel blessed to have her as a part of their extended family. They know that they can count on her, and that she is always willing to assist them with a smile. We are proud to have employees like Marianne. Because of her, there’s no doubt we are making a difference in the lives of our residents.


Karen, one of our many shining stars, is our receptionist at Independence Village of Petoskey in Michigan. She is definitely an employee with a heart. Karen is quick to help residents and guests with any number of needs – from assisting with a jacket to locating a phone number or address. She has a great memory and knows each resident and their family members by name, including grandchildren and pets! She visits residents after work or while on break and even goes to the hospital or rehab on her own time. She remembers birthdays and anniversaries and purchases greeting cards to commemorate them. Most importantly, Karen is always in a great mood. Her smile is infectious. She brightens our world.


Sean is our Resident Assistant at Independence Village of Brighton Valley in Michigan. He was recently featured on a special Veteran edition of Detroit Performs, the Detroit Public Television series, for his inspiring mission to honor veterans. Sean, a former truck driver, came to us 5 years ago in response to a calling; he wanted to help seniors and pay homage to veterans, especially those who served in World War II. Today, Sean creates a museum quality model of a military vehicle after speaking with a resident and getting a little history on their experience and service. He spends 60-300 hours researching the right vehicle and building each model. “It’s more appreciated than something intangible. They get to hold a small-scale replica of their life story. Many veterans cry because it means so much to them.” Sean’s ultimate goal is to build a model for every veteran he comes in contact with. To learn more, click here.


Charlotte, a retired music teacher, is our Choir Director at Independence Village of Plymouth. She came to us in search of a place that would be good enough for her parents and ended up working with us. Well versed in the art of Music Therapy and its benefits, Charlotte gathered a small group of residents to sing. They were bashful at first but Charlotte’s enthusiasm was irresistible; they came back week after week and brought their friends. Before we knew it over 25 residents were tapping, clapping, laughing, learning and loving all the old songs! Our residents are so grateful for Charlotte. They can’t talk about her without getting a tear in their eye. Charlotte moonlights with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra but when push comes to shove, she easily gives up her involvement downtown to spend time with our residents. They are that special. The choir has become a family. Sometimes practice even ends with a big group hug. One choir member’s doctor recently told him to keep singing because he can see such a difference in his range and stamina. John sings solos now and gains more confidence every day. Thanks Charlotte!


Laura is our Life Enrichment Coordinator at Independence Village of Waterstone. She’s passionate about decorating, especially for Christmas. A couple years ago, she set out to create a new woodland themed tree, complete with red ornaments, white lights, cardinals of all sizes and other forest delights. Her favorite find was a tree topper – a grapevine star with a few red berries on it. Laura loved the new look almost as much as her residents who directed exactly where to place each piece. They were all enjoying the moment until Isabelle arrived and declared the entire thing ugly. A true character, Isabelle joked about it, poking fun at the whole group and their creation, especially the tree topper. Laura tried to explain the whole “woodland themed tree” but Isabelle would hear nothing of it. Instead she told stories of her belated husband and their Christmas trees. From the local farm where they bought their tree to the hand made ornaments and laughter that decorated it, Isabelle painted a picture of the most beautiful tree. She even described their tree topper in detail. It was a glorious star that lit up.

The next day, Laura was shopping for more lights when she saw a star tree topper that lit up. It was out of place on the shelf, like someone decided against buying it at the last minute and just stuck it in with the lights. Laura had an “ah-ha” moment. She went back to the community and quickly pulled out the ladder and swapped out the tree toppers. Laura snuck over to Isabelle’s apartment to prank her – but just as she was placing the “ugly” tree topper on the shelf outside her apartment, Isabelle opened the front door. Busted! Together they walked to their community living room. Isabelle had tears in her eyes when she saw the new shining star tree topper. She couldn’t believe Laura did that just for her.


Words of Gratitude

My husband George and I have lived at Independence Village of Waterstone for six and a half years. We searched other facilities but chose this particular one for many reasons. It is surrounded by beautiful homes, a small lake, black top walking paths and a golf course nearby. The dining room is elegant with linen cloths and Chef prepared meals. Our apartment is lovely, spacious and comfortable. Our friends and family are always welcomed to visit and join in the fun. The staff loves and cares for all of us who live here and if help is needed they are right there to assist you. We love our home and our community.


I’m very happy to be here. The food is absolutely delicious and the staff is wonderful. They make sure to go out of their way to establish relationships with the residents and meet their needs.


I was immediately drawn to the building itself. The lobby was gorgeous and held a strong home-like atmosphere. I also love the food and the staff.


I do not know how you cannot like it here, and I cannot imagine being anywhere else but here. There is nothing like this place!


You are worn out at the end of the month by the time you complete all of the monthly activities.


I visit often and always enjoy the surroundings and people. The staff is excellent!


Julie, Thank you very much for the quick response and the info. I will be looking through the information you provided more tomorrow. Pretty exhausted from lots of phone calls and arrangements today. You were amazingly helpful and informative and knowledgeable about your facility and were very positive to talk to. Not everyone I talked to was as upbeat as you. In fact you were the most upbeat and the most knowledgeable and helpful and it was greatly appreciated.


Reagan, I want to thank you for helping to make this move affordable for my parents. They are relieved to know that they are able to move to a place where they already have friends. My father had been particularly resistant to the idea of moving from a home he loves. I think now he may even be a little excited. It’s hard to realize that you can longer do it alone. Through your help, this whole process has been easier. For that, I am eternally grateful.


It’s hard to say what we like the best about living here. It could be the meals, housekeeping, activities, trips or just having people at our beck and call. All we can say to someone considering Independence Village for their next home is, ‘Go for it, you won’t find anything better!’


We are forever grateful for moving our Dad into Independence Village three years ago. I knew it right away when we walked in, and it was the best decision we ever made because of how well all the staff treated and looked after our dad, so thank you.


Thanks for taking such good care of me.


I may be older, but I can still move. We were examined for our sense of balance last week and the nurse said, ‘Evelyn, you could still run a marathon.’ I love it at Independence Village. I keep busy. I volunteer to sell sandwiches in our coffee shop. I set up for Bingo, collect money and pay those who win. I extend a helping hand when I see the need. I attend Reminisce, Trivia, Exercise with Mark, and the many other programs with which we are entertained. Life is good and enjoyable. I remember the words of a former pastor. Every Sunday she said, “God is good.” She added, “All the time.” Indeed it is true.


Dear Debbie, You made me feel so loved and protected the morning of Dick’s passing. I will never forget your arm tight around me and your reminder of God’s love for me and Dick. Dick thought you were a wonderful young woman and was so happy you became our director. I have been surrounded by my “angel” daughters who can’t do enough for me and I am realistic enough to know in a few days I will be myself. I know that if I need to talk you will be there. Love, Mary


Dear Debbie, My Mom loved being involved and helping others. She loved life and people. I still can’t believe she is really gone. I can’t imagine my life without her. I know memories will one day bring smiles to replace the tears. Thank you for your compassion, love and caring personality. You are the reason I wanted mom to move to Independence Village. I truly wish she could have enjoyed living there longer. All the best always, Love, Melody


Dear Debbie, There you go again! Making me HAPPY! I never dreamed that at this stage of my life I would meet someone that I felt that I have known forever. I love your sense of humor, your empathy, your spirit, and your loving heart. Thank you for being my friend and for being in my life. I love you (so does Don).


The best thing about Independence Village is the camaraderie. Every person is looking out for the other. I also love the independence of being able to choose what we want to do out of all the many options that are offered. I don’t miss my car at all! We also have many opportunities to venture out on the bus. Now when I attend a concert I don’t have to spend the whole time worrying about the drive home. I know I will be taken care of. The availability of medical care is also a benefit for me. Services from the podiatrist and lab technician offered in the building mean a lot. I have lab work every month right here. I appreciate that my spiritual needs are also met with onsite services and Bible study.


If anyone told me a month ago I would like retirement living, I would have told them they were nuts…We view it now as a kind of vacation and are enjoying it. What more could we ask!? There has been a constant flow of visitors ever since we took up residence at Independence Village and how sweet it is. Without friends life can be pretty dull. It’s been a little over a month since we have been here and it’s where we belong.


I found Independence Village not only with a great staff and friendly residents, but a community of “family away from family”.  There have been opportunities for caring, sharing, participating, and interacting at whatever level of preference one desires.


You have made me feel so special. This place was meant for me at this time of my life. I enjoy it so much; fun, fun times!


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